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I can help in many ways


Editorial Content Creation

Plan, write, and edit copy and campaigns for digital, print, and social media—for B2B and B2C audiences. Develop features, videos, custom publications, and live events.

Speechwriting and Presentations

Work with senior executives to craft speeches for conferences, lectures, and public appearances. Help prepare presentations that communicate ideas and concepts effectively and efficiently, with arresting integration of visuals and text.

Brand Strategy

Articulate the value, vision, and unique selling points of the company. Position services for maximum effect in relationship to the market, audience, and competition.

Content Strategy

Define audience, audit content, and develop voice. Create and implement all editorial systems to ensure success, including templates, editorial calendars, and training materials, with an emphasis on developing a unique voice.

Communications Strategy

Strategize on ways to communicate complex topics for a larger audience of potential customers. Select, clarify, and amplify internal messages to increase employee loyalty and win media coverage. Forms range from marketing collateral and thought-leadership pieces to partnerships and live events.

Marketing Content Creation

Produce marketing collateral, from ideation to execution—including decks, boilerplates, newsletters, videos, case studies, and thought-leadership pieces. Craft white papers that people will actually want to read.